Plant care services in metro-Detroit from a professional horticulturist.

Dave's Horticultural Services is committed to the health and well-being of your interior foliage. Dave's services range from design and setup to trouble resolution. Beautiful and healthy plants are no accident. Dave's will tailor a periodic maintenance plan dedicated to the health of your specific foliage.
Your plan can be tailored to include any or all of our fine services, which include:
   Regular plant care and watering.
   Maintain all planters in a neat and orderly manner.
   Polish, trim, and orient plants to light conditions.
   Remove damaged or unsightly foliage.
   Keep all plants free from disease and insects.
   Prevent damage to surrounding floors, walls, and furniture from water and/or moisture.
   Replace depreciated plants.
In addition, Dave's experience can offer knowledgeable recommendations for new plants based on the conditions of your surroundings.
Contact us for details.